Recipe Day May 20, 2020 Mom’s Lasagna

Mom’s Lasagna I learned to make my mom’s baked lasagna recipe decades ago, and have been making  it ever since. Of course, as with most of my recipes, I made some changes. More cheese? Of course. Italian sausage? Yes, please. No boiling of those noodles? You bet. Throughout the years, I have made this lasagnaContinue reading “Recipe Day May 20, 2020 Mom’s Lasagna”

Mama B’s Combo Recipe QUARANTINE Cooking: Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker

Someone requested a recipe blog post and since we know how popular those are, here is mine. Mama B’s Combo Recipe Quarantine Cooking: Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker *Chunk of pork *I used a 2 pound pork top loin boneless roast. I wish it had been bigger and a different cut of meat. IContinue reading “Mama B’s Combo Recipe QUARANTINE Cooking: Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker”

Adjust Your Expectations Week of May 4, 2020

Adjusting One’s Expectations Years Running Down my Cheeks #WYFM I was talking recently about how someone needed to lower their expectations and I did not like the sound of that at all! It signaled negativity and seemed depressing. So, I decided to change it to “Adjust One’s Expectations.” That sounds much better to my ears.Continue reading “Adjust Your Expectations Week of May 4, 2020”


RAGE Lice-infested beards on camo-wearing, gun toting ignorant Muscovies. I am getting so tired of all the whining little Cayugas who complain about wearing a face mask as a form of PPE. They better wear their masks to protect me and my family from their quacking slobbery spew or I will be getting arrested whenContinue reading “Pandemic 2020 COVID-19 RANDOM THOUGHTS of RAGE”