Dog Days of Summer

August 18, 2020

Happy 6th Birthday Leo Golden Boy

Leo: if I don’t look, I can be a good boy and pose for my birthday photo.

Oliver: Okay, I’ll look for you.

Leo: Hey. Doggone it. Now I have to look too. It’s my birthday, not yours.

Both: Okay, we’ll both look.

Leo: My favorite things! A birthday burger and big yellow balls! 😍

Oliver: No fair. My favorite things too!

Both: Are we done yet? Is it burger and ball time?

Happy 6th Birthday Leo!

I would say I wrote this post to try and stay sane in these crazy scary Covid times….

but that would be a BIG lie.

We have always celebrated the dog family birthdays too.

I love you and miss you. You know who you are.

Published by Not Just Horsing Around by Diana Lee Mason

Loves of my life: FAMILY. I have 3 fabulous daughters and celebrate over 3 decades of marriage with my husband. I have an amazing extended family of sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, fabulous friends, and more. I LOVE my dogs and horses and enjoy riding, writing, reading, hiking, travel, gardening, antiquing, food, photography, and so much more. I am a book addict and I admit to a Reading Disorder. I know that I am truly BLESSED!

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