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Welcome to my blog, Not Just Horsing Around. Although I started this years ago, I had never published my posts. I have however, been published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, a nationally known “horse” magazine, and have decades of writing for nonprofits: press releases and newsletters. I’ve written scripts for elementary school plays, and copy for pamphlets and advertising. As with many writers, I also have the ubiquitous folders full of unpublished stories and novels.

Now, it’s time: back to the blog. I went through several variations of a name, trying to be cute, catchy and clever since I would love to monetize the blog. I want to be a freewheeling Jack of all Trades type of writer.

Blog Name Ideas: Every Little Bit, Piece of My Heart, Through the Windows, If Not Now, If Not Now-When, Good~Better~Best, Just Think About It; and a few I can’t remember. I wanted to let readers know my blog is going to be about EVERYTHING: Family, life, writing, reading, riding, horses, dogs, books, travel, gardens, antiques, food, photos, and so much more. Did I mention life?

I PROCRASTINATED longer and longer, but now, I am ready. Just do it, I realized. If not now, when? Why wait for the good, better, best blog title, and let’s let people look through the windows at every little piece of my heart? Don’t just think about it.

So, again, welcome to this peek through the window of my heart, head and home. I look forward to hearing from you.

And remember, as you read and comment, in a world where you can be anything, be KIND.











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