Horses, Hives, and Google

So, this summer, my horses had hives. Again. My 20 year old Haflinger mare has insect bite sensitivity and probably allergies to unknown pollens since she reacts often in summer and early fall. She gets hives and is on Hydroxyzine and some skin spray during reactive times. My 18-year-old TWH mare has had hives aContinue reading “Horses, Hives, and Google”

Nailed It

Nailed it! Let me introduce my Golden boy Leo. Leo is a five-year-old Golden Retriever. He is a beauty with golden-brown eyes and a creamy coat. He loves to be scratched and petted as most dogs do. Ah, handsome Leo. But if you meet him, you will understand why we call him the problem child,Continue reading “Nailed It”

Not Just Horsing Around

Welcome to my blog Not Just Horsing Around. Started years ago, most posts were never published. Fast forward, and here we are. I went through several variations of a blog name, trying to be cute, catchy and clever since I do hope to monetize the blog (doesn’t everyone?) I consider myself a Jack of allContinue reading “Not Just Horsing Around”