Lice-infested beards on camo-wearing, gun toting ignorant Muscovies.

I am getting so tired of all the whining little Cayugas who complain about wearing a face mask as a form of PPE.

They better wear their masks to protect me and my family from their quacking slobbery spew or I will be getting arrested when I finally decide to shop in person.

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The hypocrisy of these gun toting camo clad lice-infested beard wearing Pekins is beyond my understanding. How dare they protest protection measures during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC? How dare they whine and complain and accost police and healthcare workers?

Millions of people are staying inside and following the rules. Making sacrifices in their daily and now unusually eventless lives. They are doing their best to shorten, not prolong this pandemic in which, WORLDWIDE, thousands and thousands are sickened every single day and thousands die.

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Check it out, then tell me how wearing a mask and staying home if possible, infringes on your rights. Right after you tell that to the doctors and nurses and other health care workers who are fighting daily to save lives. And the (now considered) essential workers who report to work daily, to make your life easier.

We are allowed to be sad about cancelled family events, celebrations, cancelled college, school, and graduations. We are sorrow filled about not seeing our loved ones, not traveling, and not partying. We miss our restaurants, concerts, theater and shopping malls.

But I know people who are sad about the death of a loved one. Corona virus COVID-19 kills in more than one way. This is not the TWILIGHT ZONE HORROR SHOW. It only feels that way. This is the reality we wake up to every single day.

You may save a life by staying home if possible, wearing a mask in public places, so please do so.

And tell me, why does this have to be political?

I made a mistake and inadvertently read something said by the TWITIOT Pekin in the oval office. He has been granted a license by this same ignorant scum to provoke and defend the Nazi Mallards. This national nightmare has worked to destroy the United States since November of 2016.

While we hope, pray and wait for intelligent and caring people to help THE WORLD in this current crisis, we also hope and pray for an end to our nation’s shame that we face daily.

So, here they are. My random thoughts of rage (anger.)  Anger is a stage of grief.

We are, as members of the WORLD, suffering from all of grief’s stages during this pandemic. I am sure most of us are familiar with the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sometimes, 6 or 7 stages are talked about when guilt and disbelief are included. We have read a few of articles that speak to our grief during this pandemic.

Stay home if you can. Wear a mask when you must. Give a damn.


Finally, I sincerely apologize to all the ducks I have maligned in this post. Autocorrect was too boring. Profanity is not allowed.

I love you all. I miss you so much. You know who you are.

P.S. And then this happened in Illinois today:

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Loves of my life: FAMILY. I have 3 fabulous daughters and celebrate over 3 decades of marriage with my husband. I have an amazing extended family of sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, fabulous friends, and more. I LOVE my dogs and horses and enjoy riding, writing, reading, hiking, travel, gardening, antiquing, food, photography, and so much more. I am a book addict and I admit to a Reading Disorder. I know that I am truly BLESSED!

4 thoughts on “Pandemic 2020 COVID-19 RANDOM THOUGHTS of RAGE

  1. It is a consolation to be able to read words that can express the emotions I feel… I have been annoyed when I see others in public without a mask, putting me at risk. As for the rest you referenced ….. well, 🦆 them!!

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